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Watoto wenye nguvu background photo

Watoto wenye Nguvu IOC recently held a forum involving all the children taking courses and those who have successfully completed in various colleges.  The introduction was very unique as everyone was identifying him/herself with the profession he/she is taking or successfully completed.  Most of the team comprised of the first children to be sponsored who have grown in WWN IOC vast empowerment journey.

 We had social workers, plumbers, mechanics, dentist, accountants, journalist, hairdressers/ beauticians and business manager all in one room proudly earning from the careers they have been guided under the vital next step program.  The forum was graced by the motivational speakers of the day who talked to them on secrets of success, time/space, cost/selection, self esteem and many more.  The speaking was based on real life experiences that was a shadow of what this children have undergone.  The forums main objectives were establishing a networking web among the group to help each other exercise studied skills and giving back to the community by inheriting the spirit of sponsorship that has seen them through to where they are.  The next step so far has seen 66 children go through it and we are currently having other children in our waiting list who are willing and hopeful of joining when funds are available.  We thank the sponsors for the initiative of supporting this program.        

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