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Watoto wenye nguvu background photo

 All roads led led our staff and a number of external speakers to Kilimambogo Primary School with a sole mission of having participatory talk with children, parents and teachers. This is a school where by we have our teething challenges and success history entrenched in it.  This is where we had our first office, first care giving at madam

Elizabeth house, first school feeding program and fun days just to mention but a few.  Our talk to the children emphasized on career, performance, self believe and discipline. The talk to the parents/guardians included parental roles, performance and importance of education to their children, instilling of positive attitude discipline, minimization of absenteeism, consequences of female genital mutilation and their much needed contribution to the school feeding program. The talk to the teachers was motivational and appreciation based of the work they do.  We wish to extend the same to other schools around the community we serve in order to bolster the already existing systems when resources allow.  Special thanks to Kilimambogo primary school for hosting us and for our sponsors making it happen.  

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