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Watoto wenye nguvu background photo

Income generating projects

Water project

Watoto wenye nguvu water project

In the path of future self-sustaining Watoto Wenye Nguvu I.O.C has invested in water project where we have pumped water from the Thika River to our water towers reservoirs where it supplied to Kusitawi village and nearby members of community for domestic use and farming.  Water is also filtered using a state of the art machine called sky hydrants machine which was donated by Siemens of Germany through pure flow water solutions. This purified water is sold for human consumption purposes only and it is used in Kusitawi village and the community around. 

How you can help

To make the water project more viable we need to expand piping the water distribution network to reach more people in the community, you can help by:-

  • Funds for piping the water

Tailoring projects

Watoto wenye nguvu tailoring

Every year since the founding of WWN I.O.C we have been supporting our sponsored children with school uniform and this prompted us to open a tailoring shop at Kusitawi village.  This opened doors for orders from neighboring schools because of our quality work from our seam mistress and her team.  We have been producing hand bags for local and foreign market and back packs for school going children.  The tailoring shop has also served as an internship and training of our children who have the interest in career of tailoring and dressmaking.

How you can help

  • Donate more sewing machines
  • Buying bags from the project made with the design of your choice
  • Marketing the bags on behalf of the program 


Watoto wenye nguvu farming

Watoto Wenye Nguvu IOC 12 acre farm is a home to various types of crops e.g. vegetables, root crops, cereals and fruit trees giving the place a notable beautiful serene environment. Most of the vegetables are sold to Kusitawi village, schools and the surrounding community; this has bolstered our efforts in heading in Agri-business. We have the livestock department which hosts dairy cows which produce milk for our safe houses and surrounding community.  Goats, rabbits, chicken, fish, ducks and turkey are also kept. The farm is also used by the government officials as a demonstration farm for the community and schools. It also enhances farming skills to the Kusitawi village children.

How you can help.

  • Donating tools and farm inputs and machinery
  • Donate improved seeds and seedlings
  • Donate tractor for farming
  • Donate funds to buy high producing dairy cattle


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