This is our main goal as we look forward to empower as many children as possible through it. To achieve this, we have narrowed it into more programs namely:-

School feeding program (S.F.P)

It entails provision of lunch which is a balanced diet, as it comprises of a bowl of ugali (cooked mixture of maize flour and water), beans and supplement of vegetables.  Currently all the children attending to Donyo, Kilimambogo, Ndula, Mbagathi, Matathia, Ngoliba, Powerline & Magana primary schools are under it. In addition Magogoni community secondary school & Magogoni primary school are supported with one cook each.  The school community contributes part of vegetables, water, and fuel and storage facilities.  It has impacted by reducing the number of children suffering from malnutrition. Data shows that, schools where lunch programs are in place children enrollment, retention and school attendance reaches almost 100%. As demonstrated by our involvement in developing and maintaining feeding program at our school, selected improvement in essential basic life needs can have rippling effects in child’s and community.

Provision of desks

Pupils enrollment over the years has been on the increase creating need of desks in many schools around us. Learning in schools is a process that requires desks which are inviting, safe and comfortable for children.  A donation of one desk makes the environment complete for great results in learning and growth of two children.

Access to public primary & secondary education fees

Primary and secondary education is free but schools still require guardians to pay different levies under vote heads of development fee, activity fee, tuition fee and lunch.  This brings about a scenario where needy children remain at home for lack of fees.  We strive to assist the child once although they can apply for assistance again depending on the need. Retention and enrollment is well achieved.

School uniforms & Shoes

Children always need to be in a presentable school uniform and shoes. Lack of funds by guardians to buy uniforms makes them be sent home affecting their learning process and self-esteems.  Support of Uniform and shoes to the deserving cases makes children get pride in their appearance, reduce distraction and increase ability to sharpening focus on schoolwork.

Stationery School learning process requires stationery.

Children who lack the required stationery find their learning process in school difficult. We regularly get requests from them and based on need we provide exercise books, text books, pens, geometrical sets and calculators.

The Next Step (T.N.S)

Next step is the name given to the program where children who complete secondary school are provided with a chance to join tertiary institutions to train on various skills. The Next step beneficiaries are first offered career guidance that facilitates the acquisition of attitudes and knowledge to help them understand themselves better. They also explore viable career options, make informed decisions and develop plans to achieve their career aspirations.

The children are taken to various institutions to pursue the courses of their choice that is also dictated by their performance in their National exams. The goal of the program is to make the beneficiaries self-sustaining.  Funds donated are used in tuition fees, accommodation, and follow up of their progress which is done regularly.  Assistance of acquiring internship while in college is offered according to their field of study. As an organization we have also set up training centers on hair & beauty, tailoring & dress making and food & beverage as a way of producing self-sustaining beneficiaries.