Our goal is to become self-reliant by having some income generating projects which support the interventions we are running. Also these projects are also used for educational purpose because of the various skills in them to the children and community.

Farm: Over 5 acre farm is under vegetables for lunch school intervention, for the rescue center, and for selling externally. At the same time this farm is used for farming training for children and guardians.

Livestock: We have a combination of cows, poultry and goats. They supply milk, eggs and chicken meat to the rescue center and selling to outside customers.

Water project:  Water is life and a water pump and filter installation has been in position supplying safe drinking water to both rescue center and the community. The unfiltered water from the river and borehole is used for farm and connected community farm.

Tailoring: We have a tailoring shop producing all school uniforms and bags for all children sponsored and on order; we sell to parents of schools in the surroundings. We also use the same facility to train students on tailoring and dressmaking.