Our children and guardians need this support to help address their feelings, relating capacity, thinking and well-being.  Through sessions done through individual or group counseling; tension, anxiety, hate and guilt is curbed or controlled.

Individual Counseling – It is for both children and guardians mostly done by our internal or external counselors depending with number of cases or specialty. This intervention is carried out individually to prepare the child or guardian for the future. Common addressed are like addictions, trauma, depression, identity crisis and any form of abuse.

Group/ family Counseling  – Group counseling is mainly done to groups of children or guardians with related problems. This enables the group overcome issues affecting them.

Many of our children come from family units with issues that need counseling for their stay or growth to be achieved. This calls for family counseling to help address rejection, separation, loss & grief, neglect and any form of abuse.

Group talks/guidance/ clubs – These interventions are done by social workers to children with an aim of empowering them on their rights & responsibilities, sexuality, abuse, nutrition hygiene etc. It helps them make informed decisions for their future like career choice. It instills focus, character and capability and develops positive passions to their areas of interest.  Learning institutions are our area of entry as this is where peer pressure can affect their decisions making processes.