It is an intervention that mainly focuses on housing, clothing and instilling parental responsibility through parental training to guardians.

House rehabilitation/improvement 

Children growing in unsafe and unhealthy environment due to sheltering related problems are always at a risk of getting sick. It involves reconstruction, roofing, doors, windows and flooring depending on the need. Guardians are also asked to cost share in kind and by direct participation according to their capability.

Clothes assistance

Apart from school uniforms children need what we refer to as home clothes.  Parents do lack clothes for their children which affects their esteem and appearance.  We support needy children with dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, shirts and inner wears according to need.

Equipment support

Objective of this intervention is to support children who need vital household items that make their living easy and worth. Some of the main equipment that we major on is beds, beddings, tables, chair and solar lamps. These equipment help contribute to the success of other interventions like in hygiene children can no longer suffer from smoke of kerosene related ailments.  In education provision of solar lights, chairs and tables helps improve grades.

Parenting training

It is for parents with parenting challenges in bonding, neglect of responsibilities and rejection.  It is at these trainings parents are trained not to be abusers but protectors of any abuse directed towards their children and those of the community.