Kusitawi village is where we have 10 safe houses for rescued boys and girls who are in need of care and protection from various forms of child abuse. ‘Kusitawi’ is a Swahili name meaning ‘thrive’ once the child is identified to be in need of care and protection, legal procedures are followed which include; certification of the child needs by the local administration and certified by the children’s department followed by a committal to Kusitawi village through a court of Law. Kusitawi has an average of 80 children residing where they are assisted to heal physical, psychological and emotional wounds. The staffs attending to these children are trained in parenting skills, supervision and behavior management. Our child centered caring skills has played a bigger role of uniting broken bonds of families for reintegration back to the community.  Kusitawi village also hosts the farm where fresh produce of vegetables and fruits are harvested for daily consumption by our children. To cut down on running costs renewable energy measures are in use where we have solar power, windmill and biogas.